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MAHKO International Pte Ltd (Singapore) officially started venturing into Curtain walls, Aluminium claddings and Structures in end 2015, partnering with Guangdong YongLiJian Aluminium Co., Ltd from China to expand further the International market presence.

Guangdong YongLiJian Aluminium Co., Ltd, which was put into production in 1986 with a registered capital of 4 million dollars, is a large company that specialises in manufacturing aluminium alloy profiles, first level design and construction of architectural curtain wall projects and subcontracting metal door and window projects. The company has an annual manufacturing capacity of 50,000 tonnes for the aluminium profiles and 500,000 square meters of annual installation capacity for architectural curtain wall and aluminium doors and windows.

Yong Li Jian Aluminium Co., Ltd successfully completed the transformation in May 2000 and became a new and vigorous joint venture. The further consolidation and elevation of technical power and staff quality have provided a more preferential condition for the development of the company. Slowly, we undertook projects from overseas in countries like Canada, Rwanda, Kenya, Philippines, South Africa, Vietnam, etc..The aluminium profiles, curtain walls, doors and windows installed by Yong Li Jian are of great quality. Although the coastal areas of Guangdong province are invaded by a typhoon on a few occasions, the aluminium doors, windows and curtain wall projects of Yong Li Jian stayed firm. The products have received good evaluations from users and the construction management departments. The products obtained national quality certification and ISO 9001 standard quality management system certificate.Over the years, the company has gathered, trained and reserved talented team with professional techniques. Relying on the manufacturing base, the company has set up material labs and purchased professional software for the design of curtain walls, door and window designs, which has provided a technical platform for the research, development and system optimisation of curtain walls, doors and windows. In 2006, they introduced production lines and equipment for heat insulation profiles that the manufacturing technique and process level of the company reached a high level, providing preferential conditions to explore domestic and foreign markets.The main items of the company’s engineering qualification are “the first level project design and construction of building a curtain wall”, which is the top qualification in the curtain wall industry and can engage in all heights, all types of architectural curtain wall design, construction, and project management-related techniques and management services. The company has possessed a platform, on which it can compete with other larger companies in the country and overseas. Facing the new situation, the company will accelerate the development, as well as the capacity of research, development and system optimisation.
Yong Li Jian Aluminum Co., Ltd has manufacturing licenses for aluminium profiles, architectural curtain walls and outside windows. It has the ability to deal with aluminium profile production, engineering design, processing, installation and maintenance. The company has been involved in design and installation of glass curtain wall and aluminium doors and windows for over twenty years. It has a professional team with years of experience. The curtain wall projects include: Guangzhou Chengjian Building (obtain National Luban Award), Beijing Donghuan Square (obtain National Luban Award), Foshan Finance Building (obtain Provincial Award), Shunde Xinde Buiding (obtain Provincial Award), Guangzhou Yinzheng Building, Guangzhou Guoxin Buiding, Guangzhou Xinghai Concert Hall, Guangzhou Huadu Mobile Building, Guangxi Nanning International Hotel Foshan Lianhua building (safety civilized demonstration sites, double excellence project), Tsui Sega mall, Yangjiang poly Silver Beach area N five star resort hotel, Foshan creative culture center, Zhanjiang Rong Sheng business building, White Swan Hotel renovation project, He Yuanming business building, He Yuanwan Plaza, Kam, Zhongshan city center Fujian Nanping Wuyi Mingshi Garden etc. The aluminium doors and windows projects include Guangzhou Huiyayuan (obtain National Luban Award), Guangzhou Mingyayuan (obtain Provincial Excellent Sample Project), Hainan Jiangnan City, Zhuhai Huafa City, Shunde Jiaxin City Square Garden Yajule