Foshan creative centre project

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Name of Project: Linjiang Trade Center
Sort of Project: Business and office
Project type: Hidden/Semi-hidden glass curtain wall, Aluminium curtain wall, Stone curtain wall, Stone pillar, Glass
Project Owner: Guangzhou Qiaomei Real Estate Co., Ltd
Engineering area: 8000 m2



Coastal Court

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Name of Project: Coastal Court
Sort of Project: Commercial, residence
Project type: Hidden framed glass curtain wall, Connected glass rain shed, Stone curtain wall, Aluminium curtain walls
Project Owner: Shitou Real Estate Development Co., Ltd
Engineering design: China Institute of Geo-technical Investigation and Surveying
Height of Architecture: 91 m
Area of Curtain Wall: 10000 m2
Area of Aluminum Door and Window: 15000 m2




Jihua five road office building curtain wall engineering


Name of Project: Jihua five road office building curtain wall engineering
Sort of Project: Commercial Office
Project type: The unit glass curtain wall, frame type, frame type glass curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall, alumi
Project Owner: Foshan Jihua Village Real Estate Development Company Limited
Engineering design: Design and Research Institute of Guangdong Province Building
Area of Curtain Wall: 22000 m2